Ruth Barnett feature in “The News” and Bernard Kops play on R4

Tomorrow – June 2:  Double page feature in The Portsmouth News tomorrow about  Ruth Barnett who came to England as a child refugee from Nazi Germany and  grew up  with foster parents on a farm near Petersfield, Hampshire. There are many fascinating passages about farm  life in her autobiography  PERSON OF NO NATIONALITY.  It is a powerful evocation of post-war England  So I am really glad the News has picked it up.

Also tomorrow, Bernard Kops play Harry and the Angels is on BBC Radio 4 at 2.15pm. I was lucky enough to see the first scenes of the play being recorded at Broadcasting House a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to hear it all.  It is a moving story about death, love and friendship in the East End. I was most impressed that the sound recordist went to Hackney Marshes to make sure the background noise of the wind in a kiteflying scene  captured the real thing.           Meanwhile Bernard is keen  to update his book Neither Your Honey Your Stingan offbeat history of the Jews.           An illustrator is working up some new designs for illustrations  and Bernard intends some new material for the book – first  published in 1985.


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