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Front Row BBC Radio 4

February 24, 2012

Bernard Kops is  being interviewed by Mark Lawson on Tuesday pre-recorded – about Anne Frank who appears in his play, Dreams of Anne Frank, in his  poem Anne Frank’s Fragments from Nowhere and in his new novel The Odyssey of Samuel Glass in which she makes love to the novel’s eponymous hero.


Jewish Book week

February 10, 2012

Authors in conversation at Jewish Book Week –

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Feb 19 Rabbi Elli Tikvah Sarah will be talking about her new book Trouble-Making Judaism. with Rabbi David Goldberg. As Britain’s first lesbian rabbi in a mainstream synagogue she faced prejudice for her radical views. Now rabbi at the thriving Brighton Hove and Progressive Synagogue. They will be discussing what it takes to make Judaism relevant in the 21st c.

Feb23 Acclaimed Israeli short story writer and filmmaker Etgar Keret, co-author of Gaza Blues (with Samir El Youssef)  talks about his work with Tim Samuels, also a filmmaker – and journalist.

Feb 26 The veteran master storyteller and dramatist, .Bernard Kops discusses his new novel The Odyssey of Samuel Glass with Meg Rosoff. His book is a tour-de-force A coming-of age yarn for adults about a young man who is taken back to the Russia of 1881 and meets his ancestors and learns about the past and the future. Jewish magical realism at its most audacious. With a remarkably similar audaciousness to Meg Rosoff’s There is No Dog – about a stroppy teenager who happens to be the creator of the universe.